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Opportunity for Chemistry Educators

The Trenton Section of the ACS is proud to be offering partial support for membership into the American Association of Chemistry Teachers (! 

The new organization gives support and ideas on teaching modules in chemistry, webinars on teaching and learning, and videos for students. If you sign up through TrACS, we will offer a 50% support for AACT membership dues ($25 for the $50 membership). Teachers who sign up will automatically become associate members of the Trenton Local Section and will receive our newsletter, news of local events, and announcements for support opportunities. 

Our goal is to create a local community of high school teachers to share ideas and concerns with the college level instructors in the area. We have a limited number of these memberships and interested teachers should contact Professor Danielle Jacobs,, for additional information.


ACS Trenton Local Section Community College Scholarship Awards 2018


The Trenton Section of the American Chemical Society (TrACS) will award scholarships to students with strong promise in chemistry attending  Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC) and Mercer County Community College (MCCC). 

This year TrACS will offer two (one at RVCC and one at MCCC) $250 Associates graduate scholarships to students obtaining an Associates degree in a science related field and who will be pursuing a baccalaureate degree in chemistry at a 4 year college.
TrACS will also offer two scholarships for $1500 each (one at RVCC and one at MCCC) for outstanding students that have finished general chemistry and will be taking organic chemistry.

Award selections at RVCC and MCCC will be made by April 6th, 2018. For more information about these scholarships, students should contact directly:


Prof. Helen Tanzini

Mercer County Community College



Pascal Meier, Ph.D.

Instructor, Chemistry

Raritan Valley Community College



ACS Trenton Local Section Scholarship Awards 2018


The Trenton Section of the American Chemical Society is sponsoring one High School Scholarship ($3,000 max for the scholarship, over two years). $1,500 will be awarded in year one. There is the potential for a second year $1,500 renewal depending on funds, required continued pursuit of a degree in chemistry and maintaining good grades.  Graduating students at public or private high schools within the boundaries of the Trenton local section, who plan to major in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, or chemical technology at a two or four-year college, qualify for these scholarships. 

The Section also offers the Roeser Memorial Scholarship award ($5,000 max for the scholarship, over two years). $3,000 will be awarded in year one, with the potential for a $2000 renewal for one additional year. The application and renewal requirements are the same as described above with the following two restrictions: (1) the student must be graduating from a public high school and (2) must be planning, as a senior in high school, a career in pure or applied chemistry. An additional paragraph in the application describing pure or applied chemistry is also required (*see details below).

We are looking for high school seniors who will pursue undergraduate degrees in chemistry, chemical engineering, biochemistry, or chemical technology and that plan to pursue a career in the chemical sciences or engineering. Typically, students pursuing degrees to become a nurse, medical doctor, physician assistant, pharmacist, physical therapist or other health professional career do not qualify; however, health science/engineering careers that extensively use chemistry, chemical technology, or chemical engineering and will involve research or manufacturing rather than treating patients may qualify at the discretion of the selection committee. Please note: only candidates attending a  high school located within the Trenton ACS Local Section are eligible for these scholarships. You can determine if your high school is located within the Trenton ACS Local Section by entering your high school’s Zip/Postal Code and State at the following webpage: ACS Local Section Lookup.

To qualify for consideration for either scholarship, the student must submit to the scholarship committee the following items:

1.   A letter with the following subheadings:

A.   Background

Describe your intent to apply, summarize your GPA and SAT scores, extracurricular activities, and impressions of your high school chemistry course(s)

B.    College Plans

Describe why you chose your college and your major

C.    Career Plans

Describe your career plans after college and address what you plan to do with your career

*In order to be considered for the Roeser Memorial Scholarship, the applicant must include an additional paragraph in section C which address the following two areas: 1) A description of what is pure or applied chemistry and 2) An explanation of why a career in this area interests them 

2.  An official transcript of high school grades including chemistry courses. 

3.  An official report of the applicant’s SAT and Chemistry Achievement Test scores administered by the Educational Testing Service. The Trenton Section of the American Chemical Society has been assigned the code 0570 by ETS for use by students requesting that their scores be reported to us.  If the scores have been officially entered on the school transcripts, then we do not need a separate report from ETS.

4.  The student’s home phone number and e-mail address.

5.  A letter of recommendation from their high school chemistry teacher. Please include the teacher’s home phone number and e-mail so we can contact them, if clarification is needed. This letter should be sent separately as a PDF file to on school letterhead or from an official school email account. The letter must be received by 5:00 pm Friday, March 30, 2018. The subject line of the email should be: Applicant name, TrACS Scholarship Recommendation

All of the applicant’s materials should be sent as a SINGLE PDF file for sections 1-4 to and also must be received by 5:00 pm Friday, March 30, 2018. The subject line of the email should be: Applicant name, TrACS Scholarship Application

If you cannot submit a PDF file, a hardcopy may be sent to the address listed below and postmarked by the same deadline. An email should also be sent to so we know to expect your mailed application. The subject line of the email should be: Applicant name, TrACS Scholarship Application

Mailing address for hardcopy application:

Joseph Baker

Department of Chemistry

The College of New Jersey

PO Box 7718

Ewing, NJ 08628 

Awards are presented to the winners at our May Awards Dinner (date to be determined). The awardee and their nominating teacher are invited as Trenton ACS guests. Parents and other guests are welcome at their own expense (typically ~$25/person). 

Students receiving the scholarship will be expected to perform the following duties:

1.     At their institution of matriculation, the scholar must participate in their campus’ chemistry club (usually a student affiliates club of the American Chemical Society). If none exists, service to another science-based club may be substituted.

2.     At the end of the academic year, provide a written report that includes their activities with the campus club during the academic year, an unofficial copy of their transcripts showing their performance in their major, and a statement that the scholar will remain a chemistry, chemical engineering, or chemical technology major.


The local section will invite 2018 scholarship winners to attend the Awards Dinner in 2019 to share their experiences at their new institution.