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2018 Events & Opportunities

Chemistry Safety Video Contest

The Trenton local section is holding a Chemical Safety Video Contest!


Trenton ACS members and friends, the time is here for an event which will give you a chance to express your creativity, network with your peers, share and enhance your knowledge of Chemical Safety, and win great $$ prizes!


From September 15th to October 15th, 2018, the window for submission for Safety Video proposals will be open. Once a team or individual submits a proposal, they will have the opportunity to interact with chemical safety experts from the ACS, create a great video, and participate in a fun awards ceremony at which outstanding videos will be recognized in multiple categories including "best picture".


The Trenton ACS invites members and friends of the ACS community to submit educational safety videos for the contest.

To submit a proposal please use the following link to the Trenton ACS Video Safety Contest.

We look forward to your participation in the event, if you have any questions please contact the current Trenton ACS Chair, Matt Crowe (

Here are the details to guide you through the proposal and video submission process:

Length of the video:  2-3 minutes

Format of the video:  Youtube uploads. Must follow youtube community standards.  No copyrighted materials can be used. Mp4 should also be submitted.  

All videos must be “PG” rated and have educational value.

All videos should be conducted using proper safety protocols. Please do not behave in an unsafe manner to demonstrate the benefits of safety!

Limit 4 people in production, unlimited number of actors (maximum of 4 gift cards)

The Process:

  1. Submit proposal for safety video

Proposal submission window:  September 15 to October 15, 2018

  1. Receive feedback on proposal, potential funding support, free ACS safety materials, and a safety mentor for your team

Proposal decisions will be communicated no later than November 1, 2018

Safety mentors will be assigned to each team and will be expected to check in with teams on November 15, December 1, and December 15.

  1. Create your video!!

  2. Submit your video

Final video submissions are due December 21!

  1. Participate in the Awards Ceremony

Nominees for awards announced no later than January 22

Awards ceremony:  February 9 (with a potential snow date February 23)

Proposal Format: (There will be a Google form available September 15 on Trenton ACS website)

Each proposal must include the following information:

  1. Production Team members

  2. Team leader

  3. Email address for team leader

  4. School/institution with zip code

  5. Local faculty/teacher mentor/champion

  6. Topic of video

  7. Anticipated learning outcomes

  8. 200 words describing the content of the video

  9. Estimated budget (itemized, Trenton ACS will support no more than $50)


Suggested Topics:

Safety in the undergraduate teaching lab (general, organic, etc.)

Safety in the high school lab

Chemical safety at home

Kitchen chemicals


Prescription medications

Home improvement chemicals

Music parodies (must have an strong educational component)

Safety in the research lab

Ionizing radiation safety

Laser safety

Gas cylinders

Cryogen safety


Glove selection and proper use

Root cause analysis (analyzing a previous safety incident, do not reproduce)

Hazard labeling

Flammable chemical safety

Fume hood use

Waste disposal

Green chemistry (specifically minimizing toxicity, waste)


Awards Categories:

Best video overall by undergraduate

Best video overall by high school students

Best use of costume design (PPE)

Best educational drama or documentary

Best educational comedy or musical


Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners! 


Things to consider in videos:


Recognizing hazards

Assessing risk of hazards

Minimizing risks

Prepare for emergencies



Tech suggestions:

Free Mac options to edit videos:  iMovie

PC options to edit videos: lightworks,

Record videos using cell phones 


And here are some Examples with critiques:

 Content is accurate

 Presentation is not engaging

 Presentation is very engaging

 However, MANY unsafe practices are used in the video

 Presentation is engaging

 Education content is present, but may be too general to make an impact.

 Some safety concerns with with the open flame, inconsistent PPE

 Presentation is engaging

 Education content is very high but learning goals are demonstrated through the use of unsafe practices, which sends mixed messages and is not appropriate for this competition.

 Clear learning goals, no unsafe practices were demonstrated

 Could be updated using the most recent ACS Safety Guidelines

 Animations may be challenging for the short turn around of video production




Outreach Volunteer of the Year

The Trenton local section congratulates Helen Tanzini as local outreach volunteer of the year! For more information see:


Successful Outcomes from Project SEED 2017

Jamie Ludwig, Alternate Councilor 

In the summer of 2017, Rider University hosted three high school students through the American Chemical Society’s Project SEED. These students were supported jointly by the national ACS and our local section, Trenton ACS. Ameka Yawson is a current senior at Trenton High School. She spent her summer working with Dr. Jamie Ludwig on developing a series of videos and posters that help Organic Chemistry Lab students to prepare for and complete their experiments. Those tools were implemented in the fall semester and Ameka has surveyed the students to understand if her tools were successful for helping the undergraduates gain confidence in the lab. Geordelle Maxwell is also a senior at Trenton High School and she spent her summer working with Dr. Daniel Druckenbrod. Geordelle’s project focused on understanding the cause of gum spots on black cherry trees from a forest in Fernow, West Virginia. Geordelle used tree rings to date the cherry trees and analyzed the historical climate of the region to see if she could make correlations to climate and disease. Geordelle’s project was part of a larger analysis of the Fernow Forest, which is supported by the National Science Foundation. Finally, Gbaweah Sandy is also a senior at Trenton High School and he worked with Dr. Danielle Jacobs last summer. Gbaweah worked on improving a synthesis of pyridine sulfonamides. These important molecules show potential as pharmaceutical compounds, and the Jacobs’ lab has been working to develop an efficient coupling reaction. Gbaweah’s work on this synthesis involved synthesizing a pyridine N-oxide for use in this coupling reaction to improve the yield and flexibility of this synthesis.

Ameka Yawson and Geordelle Maxwell have decided to carry their projects forward and prepare them for the Mercer County Science Fair. They will prepare their presentations and compete for scholarships this March. 


Trenton ACS Election Results

Your votes have been counted and your 2018 elected officials for the Trenton ACS board have been determined. See the Elections page for results and the Officers page for the 2018 board of the Trenton ACS.


 Trenton ACS Councilors to Attend National ACS Meeting in New Orleans

Your Councilors will represent the Trenton local section at the District III Caucus, Council meeting, and Committee events. Please feel free to reach out to your Councilors prior to the meeting.